General Setup Options

Company Preferences

Defines the settings applicable for the company, including name, address, tax authority reference, whether GL integration used, etc.

See Company Parameters.

System Parameters

Sets the main system configuration parameters.

Narrative is shown alongside each parameter to give the user an idea of where the setting is used.

See System Parameters.

Users Maintenance

Entry of users and security settings of users.

See Setting Up Users.

Maintain Security Tokens

Administration of security tokens.

See Security Schema.

Access Permissions Maintenance

Adds or removes security roles by a system administrator.

See Security Roles.

Page Security Settings

Changes the security token of a script.

See PageSecurity values.

Currencies Maintenance

Defines the currencies available. Each customer and supplier must be defined as transacting in one of the currencies defined here.

Any number of currencies can be defined in webERP. Every currency that is transacted with either in sales (AR) or purchasing (AP) needs to be defined in the system. To define currencies go to the Setup tab -> General -> Currency Maintenance. Only a few fields are required to be completed for each currency defined:

A utility is also provided which can produce a graph of the movement of any of the defined currencies against the functional currency

Tax Authorities and Rates Maintenance

Entry of tax authorities - the state intitutions that charge tax.

See Tax Calculations.

Tax Group Maintenance

Allows for taxes to be grouped together where multiple taxes might apply on sale or purchase of items.

See Tax Calculations.

Dispatch Tax Province Maintenance

Allows for inventory locations to be defined so that tax applicable from sales in different provinces can be dealt with.

See Tax Calculations.

Tax Category Maintenance

Allows for categories of items to be defined that might have different tax rates applied to them.

See Tax Calculations.

List Periods Defined

Shows a list of all the system defined periods.

Report Builder Tool

Report Writer and Form Creator script that creates templates for user defined reports and forms.

See Report Builder/Form Builder.

View Audit Trail

Shows the activity with SQL statements and who performed the changes.

Geocode Maintenance

Sets the configuration for geocoding of customers and suppliers.

Form Designer

Customizes the form layout without requiring the use of scripting or technical development.

All measurements are in PostScript points (72 points = 25,4 mm).

All coordinates are measured from the lower left corner of the sheet to the top left corner of the element.

The form elements are:

Web-Store Configuration

Maintain web-store configuration and set up.

SMTP Server Details

Sets the SMTP server.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (email) transmission.

Mailing Group Maintenance

Mainting mailing lists for items to mail.

Receivables/Payables Setup

Sales Types


Customer Types


Supplier Types


Credit Status


Payment Terms


Set Purchase Order Authorisation levels


Payment Methods


Sales People


Sales Areas




Sales GL Interface Postings


COGS GL Interface Postings


Freight Costs Maintenance


Discount Matrix


Inventory Setup

Inventory Categories Maintenance


Inventory Locations Maintenance


Inventory Location Authorised Users Maintenance


User Authorised Inventory Locations Maintenance


Discount Category Maintenance


Units of Measure


MRP Available Production Days


MRP Demand Types


Maintain Internal Departments


Maintain Internal Stock Categories to User Roles


Label Templates Maintenance