Why Another Accounting Program?

Business is changing. It is becoming more dynamic and geographically dispersed. The traditional communication tools particularly the fax machine are being displaced by email. Information is required to be available 24x7 at the click of a button via the Internet. This is a modern business system that has adapted to the new environment.

The Internet, a proliferation of TCP/IP networking computers all linked together provides a compelling infrastructure for business systems because it offers:

An accounting application which uses a web browser as its client interface allows graphical screens to be displayed over minimal networks and allows any computer irrespective of operating system or even a PDA with a browser, access to vital company information 24 hours 7 days a week. Many accounting programs have some web functionality to allow orders to be placed by customers directly online. However, this functionality is often added retrospectively as a kludge and the efficiency of the medium is never realised because it is not designed in from the outset. KwaMoja is designed from the ground up as a web application with efficiency and usability as primary objectives. It is written with best of breed programming tools that allow it to be run on most computers and operating systems.